2023 – Deck finalized

The past years we worked very hard on the deck project starting from the bow. Now the stern was the only area left and 2023 we finalized it – yeah (click here). The whole deck now consists of mahogani plywood as the base material, 2-4 layers of glass fibre in epoxy resin, epoxy fairing compound, epoxy primers and at least 3 layers of PU deck paint, everything 2K of course. Brand new toe rails, cleats and other fittings give the deck a shiny and simply great appearance.


Life On Board 2021

Instead of sailing I would call this years activity „life on board“. And at the very end of our holidays we even had the opportunity to take a refreshing bath and use the Baltic Sea as our private swimming pool – despite the rough weather we experienced way too often. What a great finish! 🙂




Rolling Stone goes 3D-Printing

The time was ripe to add a new and powerful tool to optimize our workshop and greatly improve our engineering capabilities. The combination of powerful 3D-CAD and subsequent 3D-printing makes it possible to design & produce tailored components for almost every application in a top quality. Although our first prints (covers, boxes, supports,..) are kind of techical gadgets as you see below, the possibilities are almost endless. Of course you must consider strength, durability, fatigue, resistance and other requirements, but that is exactly what I deal with daily in the course of my work :-).


Another Great Pic

Robby just send me another great spinnaker photo of Rolling Stone from the past – sailing the San Francisco Bay. Thank you very much, Robby! If you have a closer look, it is very interesting how the spinnaker sheet is handled especially the location of the spi winch at the stern. I have never seen this configuration before.

Photo Credit: Robby Robinson